This guide will tell you:

  • How to create a waiting list of staff to work at your school
  • How to market your school proposition year-round to engage more candidates
  • How to use free and cheap methods of promoting your school employer brand
  • The benefits of growing your Talent Pool instead of using costly agencies
  • How to communicate with new and advocate teachers

A little bit more about what you'll be reading...

What you need now is a strategy and a few simple tools to create and grow your own teacher community with whom you engage earlier, more often and continuously, to nurture the talent pipeline you need and recruit for your school. This is Continuous Candidate Engagement: a revolutionary 360-degree and 365-day strategy for schools to attract and nurture the talent pipeline you need by engaging with the teacher community earlier, more often and continuously … to recruit the relevant staff you need quickly and at a much lower cost.

Flip the flow of talent into your school: instead of recruiting re-actively from a limited pool of candidates when a vacancy arises, you can create a year-round attraction campaign that organically attracts the right candidates to register their interest in working for your brand. When a vacancy arises, your Talent Pool is already full of warm advocates, waiting for your call. The payoff for the proactive, year-round candidate engagement is a high-value stock of teaching talent, at your fingertips when you need them.

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