This guide will tell you:

  • How to change your application forms to reduce your risk while attracting more applications
  • How to apply the new permitted Legal Bases for processing personal data
  • How to prepare to meet the new individuals' (candidates') rights
  • Working with Equal Opportunities data compliantly
  • Criminal data including DBS checks
  • How to proactively but compliantly Talent Pool
  • Who's who in school? Data Subjects, Controllers and Processors and their Accountability
  • 3rd party supplier contracts
  • Data breaches - the 72-hour rule

A little bit more about what you'll be reading...

Drawing on advice from the ICO and our recruitment legal advisors, our guide details how your school's recruitment process should now be changed in order to remain completely compliant under the GDPR.

Regardless of the size of your school, MAT or college, this guide can be used to review each step of your recruitment process and identify where you are collecting and processing data, and how it should be now treated to safely satisfy the principles of GDPR and candidates' rights as data subjects.

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