Trusts and Groups

Group functionality enables hiring teams across Trusts and Groups to work
together online wherever they are

Why choose School Recruiter
for your Trust or Group?

As a Trust/Group member, you’ll have access to everything an individual school receives, and more! From posting a job to reporting, these processes are accessible within one easy-to-use dashboard, guaranteeing a consistent and quality candidate experience, whether you’re an individual school or part of a large Trust or Group.

Group Management

Have full control at Group/Trust level with our centralised set up and oversee every single recruitment transaction across all your schools with ease. Alternatively, adopt a decentralised model with the confidence that schools can follow structured hiring processes designed by you.

Custom Recruitment Pipelines

Our customisable hiring pipelines enables Groups and Trusts complete flexibility over the way they want to manage their candidates and processes. You can design a Group/Trust wide default hiring pipeline or allow individual schools the freedom to operate as they see fit.

Job Posting

Post jobs on behalf of any school within your Group/Trust and manage Group/Trust-wide documents and processes from one easy-to-use dashboard. You’re guaranteed a consistent and high-quality hiring experience, no matter how big your Group or Trust is.

Hiring Team

There is no limit on the number of users permitted within the system, allowing you to build a large, dynamic hiring team with various role types within one place online.

Group Talent Pool

Group/Trust wide Talent Pool functionality enables you to build larger pools of education professionals using each school brand at your disposal. This talent can be accessed and shared by hiring managers across the Group/Trust, providing a proactive recruitment method all year round that is accessible to all your schools.

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