• Boost the number of applications

    It's a fact that nearly all candidates search for jobs via their smartphone, it's also a fact that downloadable word documents and long application forms do not allow for a truly mobile experience - which in turn leads to a 98% attrition rate of job views to application submissions. Using School Recruiter's 'Fast-apply' functionality in conjunction with mobile-friendly bespoke online application forms will guarantee to boost your applications.

  • Accelerate the hiring process and recruit passive candidates

    A standard feature with School Recruiter is a Talent Pool. It captures and builds a ‘pot’ of interested candidates all year round – even when you’re not advertising any vacancies. So, whenever you have an open position to fill, you’ll have an instant list of candidates to choose from. Talent Pools capture active and passive candidates that have actively sought out your school or college so you can accelerate your hiring process.

  • Reduce your administration time

    We know school and college recruiters are time poor, which is why we designed software that could reduce your administration time by up to 70%! Using machine learning and AI we’ve been able to automate many mundane tasks that will give you your time back so you can concentrate on teaching and pupils.

  • Exponentially increase applications and reduce application attrition

    A poor candidate application experience can contribute to an attrition rate of 98% (of application starts to application submissions). 
    It’s a fact that 98% of candidates search for jobs via their smartphone and 79% start on social media – which becomes a problem if your website isn’t mobile optimised. To compound this, most school application methods require candidates to log-on to a desktop PC to apply because of downloadable word documents that are not compatible with mobile phones. The final nail in the ‘application attrition’ coffin is the fact that the average school application process takes over 2 hours*. Eteach software features mobile compatibility for job search and job application as standard, that will increase applications and reduce application attrition.

  • Hire the best talent before your competition

    Being alerted of high-quality talent is in-built into our ground-breaking new software. The instant a candidate joins your school or college’s Talent Pool (a standard feature of School Recruiter) you will be alerted if they match any of your job profiles. Identifying and communicating to the best talent before your competition do will give your school or college the edge.

  • Dramatically reduce your time to hire and improve your onboarding ratios

    Speed is of the essence if you want to hire the best talent. That’s why we created several innovative, industry-first tools, designed to make the process of recruitment better, faster and smarter. Online, tailorable job templates and online application forms for example, instant ‘job match’ that identifies candidates faster than other schools or colleges and a candidate management system that automates communications and streamlines your administration processes.

  • Expand your advert’s reach and deliver a multi-channel recruitment experience

    The old-fashioned way to recruit used to be easy - post a job in one place and hope candidates will apply! Nowadays however, it’s proven that candidates search for jobs via multiple devices on multiple platforms and through multiple channels such as search, social, free job boards, paid job boards and a myriad of non-education recruitment sites to name just a few. Eteach have this covered with innovative broadcasting tools for social media, enhancements and 3rd party job boards, that ensures your job receives unrivalled reach and frequency – it’s called multi-channel recruitment.

  • Attract more candidates with a stronger employer brand

    Did you know 97% of candidates will check out your brand and school or college website before applying*? In fact, 62% of candidates listed a career site as a top channel for researching jobs. School Recruiter provides a powerful, consistent and high-end career site to show-off your employer brand and give your school or college the edge in the battle for candidates. *Eteach candidate survey 2019. 

  • Eradicate security breaches and deliver GDPR compliance straight out of the box

    We know that many schools and colleges use downloadable Word documents as their application forms and communicate using Gmail and other unsecure email networks. This old-fashioned way of school recruitment is fraught with potential security breaches leading to the possibility of huge fines for what could be a simple human error or worse, a targeted cyber-attack. Eradicate all the risks with our secure, GDPR compliant software straight out of the box.

  • Communicate and collaborate across your entire school or college network

    Smart management and administration functionality is standard within School Recruiter. Share hiring pipelines, candidate details, create alerts and prompts, review individual or group performance via dashboards and much more. Now you can seamlessly communicate and collaborate with hiring personnel across your school, college, group or MAT.

  • Improve your performance and prove your ROI

    We’ve updated and improved our reporting suite to ensure you have incredibly clear and detailed performance metrics at your fingertips. View individual vacancy or school, college, MAT or group performance at every level of the hiring process. School Recruiter will help you improve your entire recruitment practices and pinpoint your recruitment strengths and weaknesses to enable you to continually improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

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